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Empowerment through Skill Development

Public Computer and Technology Center – Turning the TIDE’s flagship service is its Public Computer and Technology Center. As an official Philadelphia KEYSPOT, it is open year-round and maintains (1) a Computer Training Program (2) Open Access Hours and (3) a community volunteer development program called the Community Volunteer Training Initiative. The expertise of the Public Computer Center’s trained staff and volunteers as well as its resources (computers, printers, fax machine, stationery, etc.) are available to the public free of charge during the Center’s Open Access Hours (Wednesday through Friday, 10am – 4pm).

Computer Training Program – Turning the TIDE offers a range of technology training to teens, adults and seniors. Participants are taught how to access the internet, basics PC hardware functions, Microsoft Windows Operating System, and individual software applications, mainly Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.

Young Leaders Council – Each year the staff at Turning the TIDE appoints 10 teenagers/young adults to its youth-led advisory group called the Young Leaders Council (YLC).  The students are selected based upon their high academic achievement and their proven commitment to serving their communities.  During the year, YLC provides valuable input to Turning the TIDE staff that helps shape new community programming, particularly any youth empowerment programs.  The members of YLC also provide a minimum of 20 hours of community service, usually as computer lab assistants or homework helpers during after-school hours.

The Adult Literacy and Learning Center – One of Turing the TIDE’s newest initiatives is The Adult Literacy and Learning Center (TALL Center).  Launched in the Spring 2018, the TALL Center delivers fundamental educational training such as reading and reading comprehension, writing, and math. This program, designed and managed by Dr. Charesse Ford (chief officer of Sojourners Literacy, Inc.), is devised with the primary goal of promoting fundamental literacy for both adult participants and their pre-school age children.  The TALL Center’s intent is to provide the intervention needed to address the deleterious impacts of low-literacy and educational deficiencies—particularly for low-income Philadelphia residents.

Empowerment through Workforce Development

Project ECHO – In May 2003, Turning the TIDE launched Project ECHO (Empowering Communities Help Others). Project ECHO began as an initiative of the City of Philadelphia to link ex-offenders with faith-based organizations. Turning the TIDE was one of the three faith-based organizations selected and funded by the Workforce Investment Board to implement this initiative. Currently, Project ECHO operates as a multi-approach effort to provide ex-offenders with one-on-one mentoring, computer training and job-search assistance. To date, Project ECHO is one of Turning the TIDE

Resume’ Writing, Job Interview and Job Search Assistance – A significant part of Turning the TIDE’s staff and volunteer daily efforts are geared toward assisting our unemployed or underemployed clients prepare for and seek employment. As such, Turning the TIDE offers one-on-one assistance that includes from enrollment in skills-development training, resume’ writing assistance, job search assistance and preparation for upcoming job opportunities through customized to mock interview sessions.

Empowerment through Youth Development and Education

Teen Gambling Prevention Program – Launched in February 2015, Turning the TIDE’s Teen Gambling Prevention Program has a four- part objective: (1) to inform adolescents about the risks associated with excessive underage gambling and related risky behaviors; (2) to increase early identification, intervention and referral of teen problem gamblers; (3) to prevent the progression of teen problem gambling; and (4) to better equip teens to make sound choices for themselves in the future. This program’s curriculum is for youth ages 10-18 years. It is funded through a grant by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual disAbility Services – Office of Addiction Services.

Youth and Technology 1.0 – This program is designed to both instruct and encourage youth ages 10-18 years to develop their own websites and Apps instead of merely browsing those created by others. It is currently in its pilot phase.

Empowerment through Healthcare

Health Promotion and HIV Education – Launched in winter of 2006, through a partnership with the Circle of Care and The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium, Turning the TIDE became a neighborhood community center in which residents interested in learning more about the HIV/AIDS epidemic could come and receive information, counseling and to receive free rapid testing. Since then, Turning the TIDE has partnered with other non-profit, research and community-education organizations such as Do One Thing and Philly Faith in Action (Greater Than AIDS Campaign) in an effort to expand its HIV/AIDS health promotion. Turning the TIDE currently offers free HIV Rapid Testing on a walk-in basis.