The Garden @ Taylor Tabernacle

Taylor Tabernacle is now Turning the TIDE in the food system! We invite you to witness a transformation of the land behind the church and the TIDE center from grass into a beautiful vegetable garden that will provide healthy food for everyone involved at Taylor Tabernacle and beyond. We aim to share the lifecycle of food with kids and families, conduct cooking classes and provide a community space for everyone to enjoy.Read More →

Working Hard In The Yard…

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Introducing TheGarden @TaylorTabernacle

Good Afternoon Everyone, Over the past several weeks a small of team of folks (myself, Norm, Kim, Lynn Rossiter, David Craig, Jennifer Foote (NJ-bible study group, James Ford, Mother Trannie) and have been discussing the possibility of a church owned farm and garden where we could bring inner-city youth and expose them to nature (see attached documents). While our vision is large, I challenged the group to start small and grow into the bigger vision. To that end, I offered to them the church backyard to begin a small garden. So, over the next few weeks you will see the church backyard transformed into aRead More →