We have been helping to bridge the digital and education divide in Philadelphia’s most vulnerable neighborhoods since the year 2000.

Organizational Background

In 1994, Taylor Tabernacle began researching the development of a community technology center.  With clear research and the community’s growing need for computer literacy, Taylor Tabernacle moved forward with its technology center.  In 1998, Taylor Tabernacle initiated a construction effort to refurbish an under-utilized portion of their facility and build a modern technology center.  In 1999, Taylor Tabernacle’s community technology center, called the TIDE Center was launched as a pilot project of Taylor Tabernacle. In 2000, with assistance from local universities, the church ran a number of experimental courses to refine our course curriculum.

All of this was formalized in a more permanent state in 2001, with the incorporation of Turning the TIDE as an independent 501(C)(3).

Today, Turning the TIDE has shifted its focus away from technology alone and has widened its scope to meet the growing needs of its neighborhood and its residents.  While still operating the TIDE Center, Turning the TIDE also runs a variety of programs linked together through their focus on community based education and empowerment activities.  Turning the TIDE’s ultimate goal is to assist clients in improving their own lives and the lives of their families by providing the tools necessary for this advancement.  Turning the TIDE works with clients to improve all aspects of their lives, from economics and employment to health care and family life.