Our Mission

Turning the TIDE stands for Technology and Information Delivered for Empowerment. Our mission is to empower low-income residents of Philadelphia through the delivery of technology programs, workforce development services and social impact projects.

Target Population

Turning the TIDE provides services and employment opportunities to individuals from throughout Philadelphia, focusing on neighborhoods in west and southwest Philadelphia.  Perhaps more importantly, Turning the TIDE concentrates its provision of services for individuals and families who are living in poverty and/or are from lower income brackets.   Many of Turning the TIDE’s clients have lower educational levels, criminal records, or histories of substance abuse.  Many are also single parents working to make ends meet and make the transition to economic self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

We strive to literally “turn the tide” of the condition and aspirations of low-income residents in Philadelphia from one of little or no hope, to one of revitalized thinking and empowerment.  While many community residents do not believe in the potential that they have, we see it as clear as the morning sun and are committed to working hand in hand with as many as possible to cause them to see this rising sun within them.